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Children’s Books From Around the World

Children’s Books From Around the World

Today on Tot Spot we’re exploring children’s books from around the world! Storytelling and more broadly, reading, are so important in the development of your child.

Reading allows a number of important developments to occur including:

• The understanding of sounds, words, and language
• Developing early literacy skills
• Lessons and morals found in stories
• Illuminating imagination and curiosity
• Learning how to manage change and differing emotions

Dr Brown’s has compiled a number of stories from around the world for you to explore with your child, helping them to dive into this important pastime.

Possum Magic by Mem Fox  Australia
This Australian tale sees Grandma Poss and Hush travel all across Australia in search of the secret to Hush’s visibility. How many Australian animals can you help your child to spot?

Tiddalik the Frog  Indigenous Australian Aboriginal Dreaming
Australia’s Indigenous First Nation People passed down this story from generation to generation. Tiddalik drinks up all the water found in Australia! All the native animals are thirsty! Who will help them solve this problem?

Lighthouse Keeper’s Christmas by Ronda Armitage  New Zealand
Mr Grinling and his great-nephew, George are stuck in a New Zealand lighthouse on a stormy Christmas night. Mrs Grinling is not home and neither are the presents or food! How will they make sure Christmas isn’t ruined?

The Road to Mumbai by Ruth Jeyaveeran  India
Shoba and her monkey named Fuzzy are on the way to Mumbai, India for a wedding. Along their journey, the pair meet many characters and face new experiences. When they arrive at the wedding, there is a disaster! How can Shoba and Fuzzy save this… or will they need some help?

Mother of Monsters: A Story From South Africa by Fran Parnell  South Africa
Princess Ntombi is the courageous Chief’s daughter and she doesn’t fear the scary Ilunge River. But during a swim with friends one day, she enrages the Mother of Monsters! How will her quick thinking save her?

Various Fairytales by Hans Christian Anderson and The Brother’s Grimm  Denmark and Germany
From Denmark and Germany respectively, these men are famous for some of the World’s most popular fairytales! From Snow White to Hansel and Gretel, and The Emperor’s New Clothes. There is certainly a tale for all children to enjoy!

Are any books we listed well-loved favourites in your home? What stories helped stir imagination for you when you were little? Comment on our Facebook post and show us what books are helping your bubs to growing up big and strong!

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